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Welcome to Harry And Jacobs your local ‘simple’ Estate Agents

Harry And Jacobs are a self-determining Estate Agency with ex major estate agent experience bringing you the service that you want! Whether you are selling, letting your property or managing your property we specialise in making it just… simple. 
In this modern age and time, estate agents tend to make purchasing or renting a property quite difficult and confusing. We at Harry and Jacobs aim to simplify the process. 
Previously operating overseas and now expanding to London has been a journey one wants. Being able to have our partners from the overseas support us we have come a long way. We strive to succeed and inviting you to be a part of that success.
Experienced within the property industry our motivated team are entirely committed to giving our clients a truly modified to your required standard and professional level of service at all times.
The joy that comes from selling or renting your property tends to make us all feel successful and we believe that relationship is as important as being professional.
Our philosophy of refining the way we operate has been vital in our growth and instituting ourselves as a leading local property expert. Having a team with major experience in the property industry we work around our clients every need, we aim to give an outstanding level of service and strive to surpass their expectations by delivering a truly personalised and professional level of service at all times.
With the Directors working on the front line, we provide a wealth of expertise and unmatched local knowledge. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or let a property, Harry and Jacobs is the name that you can trust and rely on. We prioritise in working hard to turn your dreams into reality. 

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